Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Developers

  • Quickly identify transit served locations ripe for development.
  • Compare TOD opportunities along a corridor or across the nation.

Transit Agencies

  • Assess TOD potential in any location.
  • Efficiently target infrastructure investments to maximize transit ridership.
  • Evaluate TOD potential at the system, corridor, and station area levels.
  • Focus resources on TOD that will actually get built.
  • Support grant applications with defensible analysis.
  • TOD project benchmarking.

Transit Planners

  • Conduct station area planning based on market fundamentals.
  • Quickly assess markets, identify barriers to development, and find opportunities.
  • Focus planning efforts on station areas with development potential.


  • Allocate limited resources to maximize outcomes.
  • Streamline planning by fostering productive conversations.
  • Unbiased analysis to inform comprehensive planning and zoning decisions.
  • Leverage transit infrastructure to enhance the community.
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement.